Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme

Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme

number of applications received variety of functions approved quantity of sponsorship granted $ 2013 24 12 three,370,000 2014 26 14 three,940,000 2015 23 21 7,560,000 2016 forty four 24 8,460,000 2017 29 17 4.”260,000 Ping Wo Fund faculty venture offers variety of functions acquired variety of applications permitted volume of sponsorship granted $ 2013 forty seven 44 a hundred and ten.”000 2014 39 36 a hundred and ten,000 2015 52 50 one hundred fifty.”000 2016 sixty five 65 230.”000 2017 53 fifty two a hundred and eighty.”000 As indicated within the record of the Hong Kong Polytechnic university’s examine mentioned in my respond to part 2, there changed into a reducing style in the prevalence cost of gambling amongst Hong Kong americans specifically young individuals. The incidence price of gambling amongst secondary college students dropped from 33.5 per cent in 2012 to 21.eight per cent in 2016. The drop turned into large as compared to the cost of 54.0 per cent recorded in 2001. On soccer betting, the incidence rate of gambling amongst secondary students decreased vastly from 4.7 per cent in 2012 to 1.2 per cent in 2016, and this become a ways reduce than 6.eight per cent in 2005. The document also stated that such continual growth could be resulted from publicity and schooling efforts collectively made by means of the government and the Ping Wo Fund Advisory Committee as well as different remedial measures. situs judi online

The 2018 World Cup will be held from June to July 2018. during this connection, the Fund and the HAB have started seeing that March 2018 and may continue unless September 2018 a large-scale territory-large,enjoy the online game, Say No to playing” publicity campaign, under which a collection of activities and publicity events may be held throughout the territory and at district degree. we will also step up on-line publicity to elevate public attention of gambling sickness and promote the messages towards extreme gambling. The crusade contains a sequence of district and territory-large actions, such because the inaugurate of a publicity truck, a carnival, a online game to ruin the Guinness World statistics and soccer matches, for contributors of the public to participate free-of-cost. one by one, the HAB has produced a brand new Announcement in the Public hobby for television and radio broadcast to discourage excessive gambling among the public and inspire americans with playing disorder and people affected by them to call the playing counselling hotline for help. during the area Cup duration, the four counselling and treatment centres financed by using the Fund will chiefly increase guide for the playing counselling hotline.

7 in the past 5 years i.e. from 2013 to 2017, the Police arrested a total of 397 people in law enforcement operations towards bookmaking in at the least 250 situations involving soccer betting and blended making a bet i.e. a mix of horse-racing, football, Mark Six, and so forth.. The having a bet slips or money seized in these operations amounted to round HK$1.8 billion. The Police don’t retain central prosecution and conviction figures.

The Police attempt to fight illegal football gambling through a four-pronged approach of prevention, schooling, intelligence-gathering and superior law enforcement, and consider the effectiveness once in a while. The Police’s prepared Crime and Triad Bureau will, in collaboration with quite a lot of police districts, carefully monitor the illegal gambling activities which may also select location during the 2018 World Cup, proactively collect intelligence, and plan for legislation enforcement operations in easy of the cases so as to combat such crimes.

variety of enquiries received by means of Fund’s hotline

regarding any thought to elevate the criminal playing age in Hong Kong, the executive has to assess prudently and believe if it will, on the contrary, raise the risk of young americans aged between 18 and 21 taking part in unlawful playing and setting up playing behavioural issues. raising the prison playing age may also now not always be the most effective technique to handle the gambling-related complications in particular, unlawful online gambling of youth.

3 to 6 The executive attaches brilliant value to prevention of problems bobbing up from playing, above all those among young individuals. At existing, a few conditions have been imposed under the licences of making a bet on horse racing, Mark Six Lottery and football issued to the HKJC requiring the licensee to adopt measures to minimise the bad affect of playing on the public, peculiarly younger people e.g. the licensee shall no longer enable juveniles to enter its having a bet centres, shall display notices to remind the general public of the gravity of excessive playing and provide relevant tips, shall now not target juveniles in its promoting or promotional actions, shall now not exaggerate the likelihood of profitable or suggest that making a bet is a means of increasing revenue, etc..

The Fund at present funds 4 counselling and medication centres to supply americans with playing disorder and those suffering from them with quite a lot of services, together with cellphone counselling, face-to-face counselling and mutual aid companies in addition to psychiatric remedy in critical cases. These 4 centres are the Tung Wah neighborhood of Hospitals Even Centre, the Zion genial provider Yuk Lai Hin Counselling Centre, the Caritas Addicted Gamblers Counselling Centre and the Sunshine Lutheran Centre of the Hong Kong Lutheran cozy service. people with gambling sickness and their family members may call the playing counselling hotline 183 4633 to acquire preliminary counselling capabilities immediately. information on other neighborhood organizations presenting such services isn’t obtainable. poker online

The number of enquiries acquired by using the four counselling and remedy centres by the use of the Fund’s hotline and the variety of beneficiaries receiving their counselling and treating capabilities during the past 5 years are tabulated under:

variety of enquiries received by means of Fund’s hotline number of beneficiaries receiving counselling and medication features 2013 9 064 1 989 2014 eight 975 1 913 2015 8 429 1 933 2016 eight 818 1 927 2017 9 636 2 229 Public education and prevention of gambling-related complications are also key areas of labor of the Fund. The Fund implements ongoing public education on prevention of gambling-connected issues to boost merchandising of anti-gambling messages among the public above all younger americans. The Fund brought the Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme and the Ping Wo Fund college challenge gives you in 2009 and 2010 respectively to sponsor non-governmental enterprises and schools for organising anti-gambling publicity and education actions. The number of functions received via and sponsorship granted beneath both schemes in the past five years are tabulated under:

now not to inspire gambling as playing addiction could cause hurt

it’s the executive’s policy now not to inspire gambling as playing addiction could cause hurt to individuals and to society. youngsters, we understand that there’s a undeniable demand for gambling in society and it is a pragmatic method to enable a constrained variety of accredited playing channels. Attaching splendid importance to prevention and alleviation of problems bobbing up from playing, the home Affairs Bureau HAB has adopted a multi-pronged approach including rules over playing activities via legislation, law enforcement against illegal playing, public schooling and publicity on damage of gambling dependancy, and provision of counselling and guide services to americans in need.

To finance preventive and remedial measures for complications arising from playing, the executive established the Ping Wo Fund the Fund in 2003 which offers sponsorship for: 1 researches of playing-linked concerns and complications; 2 public education and different measures to keep away from and alleviate gambling-linked issues; and three counselling, medicine and other assist functions for individuals with playing disease and those affected by them.

The reply to the question raised by the Hon Vincent Cheng is as follows:

For 2015-16 and 2016-17 economic years note 1, the Hong Kong Jockey club HKJC recorded respectively total making a bet turnovers of $202.7 billion and $216.5 billion from a lot of making a bet activities, amongst which about 60 per cent had been bets positioned online. A breakdown of making a bet turnover through making a bet undertaking is tabulated beneath:

having a bet turnover $ 2015-sixteen monetary 12 months % in complete making a bet turnover 2016-17 monetary 12 months % in complete making a bet turnover year-on-year change Horse racing 107.4 billion 53.0% one hundred fifteen.eight billion 53.5% +7.8% football 86.eight billion 42.8% ninety two.7 billion forty two.eight% +6.8% Mark Six Lottery eight.5 billion four.2% eight billion three.7% -5.9% be aware 1: The HKJC’s economic 12 months runs from July 1 to right here June 30. poker indonesia

2 in response to the HKJC, the percentage of having a bet record holders aged beneath 21 remained at round 1.3 per cent to 1.7 per cent in all chronicle holders during the last five years.

The age of 18 is generally viewed because the indicator of maturity in Hong Kong, and it is also the statutory age for legal playing. As published by the Hong Kong Polytechnic tuition’s study on Hong Kong people’s participation in gambling activities, commissioned via the Fund and accomplished in 2017, over 60 per cent of the respondents considered it applicable to set the criminal gambling age at 18.

We note that definite international locations and locations have their felony gambling a long time set at 21. nevertheless, considering that these foreign places locations don’t share the identical background and aim elements with Hong Kong, their procedures may also no longer be at once relevant right here. really, restrictions on the gambling age differ around the world and there’s no standardised observe. as an example, within the uk, people can enter casinos when they’re aged 18 but the minimal age for buying lottery tickets is just sixteen; in Singapore, the statutory age for coming into casinos is 21 however that for taking part in making a bet on horse racing or sports and purchasing lottery tickets is still at 18; and in Macao, americans aged below 21 are prohibited from coming into casinos however the age for felony participation in betting on horse racing, soccer, basketball, and so forth. remains at 18.

LCQ7: Curbing the prevalence of formative years gambling

Following is a question via the Hon Vincent Cheng and a written retort by using the Secretary for domestic Affairs, Mr Lau Kong-wah, in the Legislative Council nowadays can also 9:

question: As incidents during which young people committed suicide in an try and sidestep the huge accounts developed up via playing had been heard now and again in contemporary years, some situation agencies have all alongside been inquiring for, through the years, the government to elevate the felony playing age from 18 to 21. then again, the govt centered the Ping Wo Fund the Fund in 2003 to sponsor preventive and remedial measures for gambling-connected issues. To increase the promoting of anti-playing messages amongst young americans and within the community, the Fund delivered the Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme and the Ping Wo Fund college assignment can provide the two sponsorship schemes to sponsor non-governmental corporations and colleges respectively for organising anti-gambling publicity and schooling activities. In connection with curbing the occurrence of formative years gambling, will the government inform this Council:

1 even if it is aware of, in each of the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 monetary years, i the betting turnover received by means of the Hong Kong Jockey membership HKJC in respect of each and every class of having a bet activities and the respective percent of each of such betting turnover in the total having a bet turnover set out in a desk, and among such making a bet turnover, ii the year-on-yr increase price of soccer having a bet turnover and the percentage of football bets that have been placed on-line;

2 even if it knows, in each and every of the past 5 years, the quantity and percentage of HKJC making a bet narrative holders who have been aged below 21; no matter if the authorities will investigate afresh the proposal to carry the criminal gambling age to 21; if so, of the particulars; if not, the motives for that;

3 considering that HKJC has in contemporary years upgraded its mobile betting capabilities corresponding to inserting bets by means of cell purposes and introduced distinctive betting varieties, even if the authorities will study if such practices have resulted within the prevalence of adolescence gambling; if so, of the details; if no longer, the causes for that;  daftar poker

four no matter if the authorities have assessed the effectiveness of the Fund; if so, of the details; if no longer, the factors for that; given the upcoming World Cup which is a generally consideration-grabbing sports adventure among younger people, no matter if the authorities have performed targeted public schooling and publicity work to curb the prevalence of early life playing; if so, of the details; if now not, the reasons for that;

5 of the respective numbers of functions got and permitted, and the entire quantities of promises allotted, by way of both sponsorship schemes in each of the past five years set out in a table;

6 no matter if it knows the numbers of requests for tips received through the gambling counselling hotlines operated by means of quite a lot of group organisations, and the attendances of the functions supplied through the four counselling and remedy centres financed via the Fund, in each and every of the past five years set out in a desk; and

7 of the respective numbers of men and women prosecuted and convicted for participating in illegal soccer betting activities in each and every of the past five years, and the total having a bet turnover involved; whether the authorities have reviewed the effectiveness of the linked legislation enforcement operations; if so, of the particulars; if no longer, the reasons for that?